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Arne Letter - June


first of all thank you again for your support through these strange times and we hope you are all continuing too be safe & healthy.  


A milestone was reached in May / June with the launch of our first ever footwear collection and we really can’t wait for those that pre ordered to get their hands on them. All pre orders will be shipped by next Tuesday (7th) on a next day service. Thank you again for your patience & willingness to pay up front to secure your pair. We haven’t had them off our feet ourselves but as always we welcome any feedback!  


July will see more highly anticipated footwear drops after the first release sell out, as well as a new style we really can’t wait to showcase & wear more of ourselves!


Some of our best summer pieces which we’ve had to wait to show for far too long now will also be dropping this month, including an all new knitwear collection… lots to come with this! We start tomorrow at 8PM with the release of our Upgraded Mercerised Pique Collection, more Textured Pieces and the highly anticipated ARNE Slides.  


In other news our team has grew a little more in the past month as we progress our in-house team and HQ set-up which we will be showing much more of very soon and throughout the year.


Thanks again for your support and since our brand really is because of you… we thought we would give a little insight and update.


Speak soon & take care!


Arne Letter - July


So July saw a huge restock of our footwear collection and the all new black runner that really did take us by surprise but you loved it! Again thank you to everyone that placed an order and also those that continued to purchase by using our pre order service where your orders will be dispatched towards the end of this month. 


Less was more also in July! Our plain black slides entered as a new arrival to ARNE and we loved how many of you appreciated a plain black pair of slides even when not too many of us will be going away this summer unfortunately. 


Throughout August you will see our second phase of ARNE footwear with our timeless cup sole addition that really does match almost any product we have ever created. Even now we are struggling to see how we can develop a cleaner pair than this so we really can’t wait to showcase them a little more.


Nice and early we also have our pre-winter collection towards the end of August that includes a few pieces never seen before whilst also bringing back some of our classic and staple pieces. 


We have also worked continuously for the last twelve months on AW20 which will start to release towards the end of August. We hope to always progress and improve although the next 5 months brings to you easily our best range and largest product offering by far since we started. It’s easily our most diverse range also which includes some risk-takers so we really can’t wait to show you more of that too.


Thanks again for your support and take care.