October was a memorable month for ARNE as we released our first ever denim collection. We couldn’t have hoped for better feedback after months of product development and we are glad you all seem to like them as much as we do. We are about to turn our denim range into one of our largest collections and we’ve already got more colour ways and washes landing very soon.

Our first ever womenswear collection also dropped which sold out within the first half hour of releasing across both clothing and footwear. We are working towards releasing all new women’s products as consistent as mens across the next few months as we continue to shape ARNE womenswear.

Unfortunately in October we also heard the news that the ARNE Racer and third style of footwear we will release has been delayed in production. We were gutted. We had already started to show it off to you and we were getting so ready for the launch. The good news is that it’s still arriving this year and there’s one more colour to show yet, we promise you it will be well worth the wait!!

Behind the scenes last month and currently, we have been more occupied than ever with the back end of the business and all things operational. We have managed to outgrow our warehouse (trainer boxes are a lot bigger than clothing bags!!) thanks to your support which is brilliant news and we love adapting to the next level as we now spend a lot of time planning operationally for the exciting future from here. We are also integrating a new warehouse management system which will ensure excellent picking and packing accuracy, more orders being processed each day and a much more convenient returns process.

Back to product! November 2020 is definitely in the top three months of ARNE in terms of new product releasing. We hope it doesn’t get boring when we say “this is new and our best product yet” but this month it really is product that we have wanted for years ourselves and that we think you will love and will be your favourite pieces from us. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and website for showcases of what’s coming up next!

Thanks again for your support and we hope you’re ready for the next two months of product we’ve got for you!!

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