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It’s hard to explain how excited we were to create the ARNE Racer and now give it to you. We struggle to think of a style of footwear that is more suited to ARNE and we have literally been obsessed with the idea of creating it since before the brand was even thought of. The ARNE Racer represents a smart casual style & look that has already shaped our identity and we love how it’s now possible to have this created exactly how we want it.

Inspired by track and field and a 1970’s running trainer that has been reformed by many of the high end fashion houses. We felt no one did it how we could see it in a certain shape, colour palette or with the materials we wanted either. We could never find the perfect one.

A sports inspired piece, Handmade in Portugal using genuine leathers, suede and nylon. Finished with a completely bespoke sole to create what we think is the perfect weight, height and level of comfort.

It is genuinely a dream come true for us to create our Racer; we hope you like it as much as we do!!