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RELAXED As you all know, our clothing has always been a pretty slim-fit & tapered look. It’s what we always wanted and there wasn’t very often another way of dressing for us. This was what we felt comfortable in and what we felt great wearing ourselves. Over the last couple of years however we have come to appreciate that you might not always want a slim-fit. Whether it’s because of the look you’re after or you want to be more relaxed and comfortable in what you wear, a more relaxed fit can be much more preferred and we’ve realised that a lot more lately too (We haven’t had it off!! Especially the Ecru sweat!!). We always keep up with what you’re asking for too and over the years we’ve had a very good amount of you asking for something a little less fitted so, we hope you like our first Relaxed Collection as much as we do! In the process, it was great developing the exact fit we were after as it still had to be very accessible in the way it was to be worn. Nothing too oversized but also nothing too similar to some of our other fits either. We always came across some fantastic fabrics too but frustratingly, they would never have been appropriate to be used in some of the styles & fits we have done before and they were overlooked every time. Now that’s all changed and we have managed to personally source a brilliant, 460GSM heavyweight 100% organic cotton fabrication from Portugal, where our whole Relaxed Collection was proudly made. We can’t wait to see what other fabrics we can use in this range but until then, this will be used in our first release…